VET 4.0

The idea of the project is based on the assumption that the world is entering into the so-called fourth industrial revolution. The phenomenon with which are associated such concepts as Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), smart factories, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), is recognized by experts as one of the main trends for the upcoming years. It is certain that these changes are a big challenge for all areas, not only for industry but also for everyday life. The Leader of the project – a regional unit engaging in implementation of vocational education in Cologne, Germany – with 8 European organizations submitted a project through ERASMUS + to develop new innovative programs and methods for practical teaching in the context of the 4. Industrial Revolution. The research indicates that education also needs to adjust to modern realities. It is necessary to prepare both students and teachers for the upcoming changes.

The project assumes three main tasks:

  To develop the competence profile required in the "working world 4.0"

  To prepare 4 modern modules of vocational education for students

  To prepare 4 modern modules for enhancing competences for vocational education teachers

Goals to achieve:

  To identify new future-oriented qualification requirements, particularly at European level

  To make teachers and trainers aware of current and upcoming changes

  To develop innovative modules dedicated to teachers, trainers and students which will focus on professions in the field of mechatronics and

      electronics in the first stage of the new curriculum development, and to prepare them for adaptation in other sectors

  To enable cooperation between students from all over Europe through teaching platforms

      Central European Chamber of Commerce was invited to participate in the project as organization providing the entrepreneurs’ voice and

       perspective. We are the only Chamber in a whole partnership which consist mainly of entities operating in the vocational education sector

      (schools, universities, governmental / non-governmental authorities). The role of the Chamber is to support the partners in substantive

      activities and disseminate knowledge about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the changes it will bring to Polish vocational schools and


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