Landing page - how to acquire new customers with it?

There are tons of ways to convince customers to take advantage of your offer. One of them is the company's website, designed to achieve business goals. In some cases, however, a landing page may be a better solution. When is it worth using?

Landing page - definition

A landing page is a website created for a very specific purpose (e.g. in a sales campaign for a new product), the purpose of which is to encourage Internet users to take specific actions.

Typically, a landing page consists of a single page (with no additional tabs) filled with sections and call-to-action (CTA) slogans that encourage visitors to take specific steps. 


Create a landing page with website creators like BOWWE and Squarspace takes a few minutes. 

What is a landing page useful for?

Contrary to appearances, not only to sell. Often the task of landing pages is to lead as many users as possible to the next stages of sales. If the landing page collects contact details of potential customers with whom you can then communicate - it increases their interest in the products or services you offer. It also increases the level of their commitment and relationship with your brand, which is important in building the sales process.


How to successfully build such a process from scratch? You will find out in article below!

An effectively converting landing page - what you need to do to have it!

Landing pages are especially effective in advertising campaigns. Then they bring much better results than regular websites, which often have many functions and are targeted at many groups of recipients. However, in an advertising campaign, it is extremely important to focus your message on one thing that we want to convince potential customers to visit the landing page. All information should be visible, easily accessible, and intuitive, execution of the expected action by the client - very simple. Thanks to this simplicity of information and focus on one goal, a landing page will usually be much more effective in terms of its implementation.
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Does a small company need landing pages?

What purpose can the landing page pursue? It depends on the industry in which you operate and your business.
Examples of small business goals that landing pages can help achieve:
  • ​​​​​​Subscribing to the newsletter
  • Downloading the product catalog or offered services
  • Providing contact details
  • Downloading promotional materials, eg a free e-book
  • Make an appointment at a hairdressing or beauty salon
  • Booking of hotel accommodation
  • Enrollment in a fitness club or language school
  • Taking advantage of a promotion or unique offer
  • Checking interest in, demand for a product or service that we do not offer yet, but are thinking about introducing them

I already have a website. Do I need a landing page?

A landing page will not replace your website!
However, it can be a great complement to it!
Do you need help in effectively promoting your offer? Do you want to increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter or blog visits? A landing page will be a great choice.
Your business website can be targeted at many people. For example, as the owner of a renovation company, you can address the content of your website to individual customers (owners of single-family houses), business and industrial owners, developers, or even architects. In this case, a well-designed landing page will help you attract the interest of a selected group - e.g. families searching for phrases related to apartment renovation in Google. A landing page will be a great tool for you, especially when you target your offer to a wide audience, and you want to reach only one specific group with a certain promotion or product.

If you don't have any website, but you're going to create or get your first, read our article:

What the most effective website for small business should contain?


What is worth doing before creating a landing page?

As we have already mentioned, landing pages are extremely important when implementing online marketing campaigns. Most often, Internet users find them after clicking on an advertisement (e.g. Facebook Ads or Google Ads) or from mailing campaigns - that's why they should be consistent with them. If a user clicks on an ad to download a free e-book and is unable to perform this action, the landing page will not work. Similarly, if he clicks on an ad to learn about specific services, and other types of services are presented on the landing page - the user will feel disappointed and will quickly leave the site. So it is very important that your landing page is consistent with the campaigns you create.
How can you promote your landing page to get even more users?
Very easy!
  • On social media
  • In the e-mail footer,
  • In the newsletter
  • In each blog post.
However, you need to consider whether the people to whom you target your offer via your landing page are the same target group that you communicate with on a daily basis or to which you direct other marketing activities.
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What does a good landing page consist of?

Depending on the goal you want to achieve and offer your landing page concerns, there should be different elements on it.
However, there are a number of common and popular tricks that often increase the effectiveness of landing pages, in other words - increase conversion. Before you start working on your landing page, follow the list below and think which of the following elements should be included in your project.
  • Logo
  • Eye-catching headline
  • The most important benefits of your offer
  • Your company's core values
  • Unique advantages of your offer
  • Effective CTA
  • High-quality photos
  • Comprehensive descriptions and professional texts
  • Visible contact details
  • Opinions of your customers
  • Customer references
  • A list of clients with whom your company has cooperated so far
  • Expert opinion
  • Price or price comparison
  • Counter showing your company statistics
  • Your team of professionals
  • Video
  • Contact form
  • Chat

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How to create a landing page in 6 steps?

Working on a landing page is very simple and should follow the plan below. However, it is important not to skip any of the following steps:
  • Do extensive research
  • Plan the sections you will show
  • Design a mockup (mockup) of the landing page
  • Write the texts
  • Develop a graphic design
  • Build a landing page
Remember that after creating a landing page, it is extremely important to monitor it (check what results it brings, whether the users visiting it follow the sales path you have planned). It is important that you optimize your landing page from time to time to achieve even better results.
If you have done your job correctly, then ideas for possible improvements that are worth testing will certainly come to your mind while working on the first version of the Landing Page. You may also find it helpful to install useful plugins or tools such as Google Analytics or Hotjar.

How to make a landing page?

Do you want to quickly and easily create a professional landing page that will attract customers to your business? In the BOWWE page builder, you can do it from a template, from ready-made sections or starting from scratch. You will be able to easily update such a website and adapt it to the changing needs of your business. Thanks to the integration with the Honaro platform, this tool will allow you to achieve success on the Internet, and this translates into real profits. You don't have time or need help? The BOWWE team will create an effective website for you, tailored to your company and the specificity of the industry in which you operate.
Contact me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions and advise you on the best solution for your business!