A professional website that will help you build a successful business

The presence of the company on the Internet plays an increasingly important role, and the website is the first place where the customer gets to know the company and decides whether to use its services. That is why it is so important that the website is built in such a way that users gain trust in the company and decide to choose it.


Follow 5 simple steps to help you achieve this effect.

STEP 1: Effective website

10-12 seconds - this is the average time it takes for a visitor to evaluate your website. It takes very little time to make a good first impression, and every entrepreneur should make sure that it is. How can this be done? A user-friendly site will be the solution, and you will learn exactly what that means later in this article. The visual layer of the website is extremely important. The website design should be aesthetic but also tailored to the industry, offer the character, and target group of the company in order to present the company professionally. The website must look good on various devices (computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones), preferably it should be responsive - so that it automatically adjusts to their resolution. This is very important because more than half of the website traffic today comes from mobile devices. So if your company website looks bad on mobile phones - you will lose more than half of potential customers right away. Make sure that all-important information is easily accessible and clearly visible. Make sure that your content is clearly divided into subpages and sections, as well as navigation that will allow you to easily switch between tabs.


Creating a website should be preceded by an analysis of the target group, industry, and competition.


At BOWWE, before starting work, we perform such an analysis and on its basis, we prepare a website design, photos or graphics, and texts. The structure of the subpages of the website is very well thought out and built to enable effective customer acquisition.


At BOWWE, we know that an effective company website is a website that you have control over and you can update its content very quickly and easily - for example, add a new project to your portfolio, news, or publish a blog entry. That's why the website builder allows you to edit your website in no time - just spend 15 minutes a week to achieve your business goals.


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STEP 2: Generating traffic to the website

You want your website to attract people looking for services like yours, so it must be in good positions in the search results for keywords related to your offer (expressions searched by users).


For that to be the case, the source code of your company website should be correct and as simple as possible, so that Google robots have no problems interpreting it. The website should load quickly (this also has an impact on positioning results), and it should also give the opportunity to supplement elements important for SEO, including meta title, meta description, H1, H2, and H3 headers or ALT attributes and image title.


The ability to update the page quickly and easily, mentioned in step 1, is also important because regularly updated sites are rated much better by Google and are displayed in higher positions than those whose content remains unchanged.


In BOWWE, editing your website is really simple, so you can add news and run a blog, which will help you in getting valuable, highly converting traffic on your corporate website. Additionally, thanks to the use of Honaro, you can publish the same content in many places - on your profile on this portal, on your website, and on social media.

STEP 3: Earn the trust and encourage purchase

Since you already have a professional website and the right "traffic" on the site, now visitors must see that by choosing you, they will get what they expect and will not be disappointed! Speak to them in the language of benefits and check the texts on your website in terms of their matching to your target group. Don't be afraid to use the so-called Call-To-Actions, ie direct returns encouraging to perform an action - eg make a purchase ("Buy Now") or make an appointment ("Book an appointment").

Don't forget to provide your users with valuable content - it will allow you to build an opinion of an expert and a person worth trusting. A very effective method of encouraging purchase and building trust is to allow customers to comment on your business and publish such recommendations on your company's website and, if possible, elsewhere. Research shows that as many as 70% of people decide to use the services of a given company on the basis of opinions found on the Internet.

You can use Honaro - a place that allows you to collect opinions from real customers and place a widget with always up-to-date recommendations on your website. By choosing this solution, you will be sure that the opinions come from real customers and are not custom-made - e.g. by your competitors who would like to discredit you. Thanks to this, you will also gain a lot in the eyes of Google and improve the position of your website in search results. Another solution that significantly increases the chance of a customer making a transaction are discount coupons that you can post on portals offering discounts - thanks to this, more users will learn about your company, and some of them will decide to use your services. The Honaro Coupons application will allow you to easily add vouchers on your website and define the conditions that must be met to use coupons. Even a small discount and information about a limited-time promotion can motivate you to buy.

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STEP 4: Buying should be simple

If you've already encouraged users to visit your site and gained their trust, now is the time to turn it into real profits. And in order to gain customers, you need to make your website as useful as possible, so that the user can quickly perform the action you want - for example, make an inquiry or book a visit. Motivate customers to take action using the so-called Call-To-Actions.


You can also use a pop-up encouraging the customer to leave a phone number or provide an e-mail address. You will then be able to contact a potential customer and encourage him to take advantage of your offer. Make sure all the most important information is just one click away. Contact details should be very clearly visible on the Contact subpage, but it is also worth placing the phone number or e-mail address above the menu and in the footer of the page. This way you will show that you are available to the customer and will be happy to answer his questions. It is also extremely important that the address details are correct and that the map shows precisely where the company is located. Make it easier for customers to take advantage of your offer - indicate how they can get to you, and if you offer a place to park a car - be sure to mention it.


Finally - use an online booking system that will allow customers to quickly and conveniently sign up for your services at a time that is convenient for them and for you, without unnecessary calls. Such a system will not only bring benefits in the form of time savings but will allow you to avoid losing a client who will not be looking for an alternative contractor "in case" he cannot make an appointment with you.


It will also allow you to efficiently manage your appointment calendar without interrupting your current tasks. It is worth placing the button referring to the visit booking form in a clearly visible place - e.g. on the banner or above the menu, and create a separate subpage where you will find such a form or application. All these solutions are available from BOWWE.


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STEP 5: The best customer is the one who returns and recommends

You want your customers to use your services many times. Give them reasons for it. A very well-made service is not always enough. It takes time and regular contact to build a relationship with the client. If you join the Honaro community, when a person uses your coupon, they will be listed in your customer base. The system will automatically send her a request to leave you an opinion on Honaro.


The client will remain in the database and you will be able to communicate with him, informing him about promotions, events, and news in your offer and sending him interesting and useful information. Such a client will feel that you care for him. Not only will he come back to you many times, but he will also gladly recommend you to his friends. Thanks to Honaro, you will build an engaged community around your company that will be loyal and will provide your company with constant income. To increase the effectiveness of your recommendations, ask your satisfied customers to give you feedback. Certainly, some of them will fulfill your request.

Where to create an effective company website?

In the BOWWE page builder, you can do it from a template, from ready-made sections or starting from scratch. You will be able to easily update such a website and adapt it to the changing needs of your business. Thanks to the integration with the Honaro platform, this tool will allow you to achieve success on the Internet, and this translates into real profits.


You don't have time or need help? The BOWWE team will create an effective website for you, tailored to your company and the specificity of the industry in which you operate.

Contact me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions and advise on the best solution for your business!