The concept of “no-code” development

In today’s job environment, there is a shortage of skilled programmers. As such, the concept of "no code"has become more popular over time. This means that companies are moving away  from rigid IT systems to self-service platforms in which all users can understand. That's why you don't need to know anything about information technology and programming. In this context, we can talk about the phenomenon of “IT democratization”, i.e. the fact that an increasing number of people have the ability to create and publish their own websites. Digitization of businesses is visible at every step, which is why some companies adapt to the current needs of users. Platforms that use the "no code" concept are easy to use and do not require a lot of specialized skills, yet it contains advanced visual components and functionalities, making it possible to create a really interesting and attractive website. Such platforms additionally enable fast and efficient automation, and companies can use the help of freelancers and thus create websites at a much lower price and more effectively.​​​​​​ Probably "no code" will dominate the IT sector in the future, and even if it does not, people who will use such platforms will still be able to gain many customers as freelancers or entrepreneurs.

The path to a web developer career

 The IT industry attracts an increasing number of candidates, and the main reasons include attractive salaries, growth opportunities, and broad prospects for the future.. In addition, it is in the IT sector that it is possible to be a freelancer and acquire clients on your own. The profession of a web developer is therefore intended primarily for people who care about independence, challenges and interesting tasks. However, deciding upon your job choice is a process that takes some time, and a lot depends on the chosen path to your dream career. People who decide to take a programming course must first of all prepare for several months of intensive studying, commuting to school and spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Mastering a programming language is possible only through intensive work and concentration on the set goal. In addition, after classes, it is necessary to study at home, and all this usually has to be combined with work in the current profession.

In the case of the "no code" concept, all you need to do is master the selected platform and learn the general technology and specificity of creating websites, for example from the visual side. Of course, even in this case, it's worth learning HTML and CSS and learning the basics of JavaScript to have a general idea of ​​how to create, personalize, and manage a website. However, the entire re-industry process should focus not only on learning programming languages ​​or a web development platform, but also on changing your thinking and self-development. 

Earning with web creators

Website builders are a great solution for web developers who want to focus on personal development and earning money from websites . Thanks to them, it is possible to create and then sell your own websites made in wizards . As an example,  BOWWE is looking to build a local community of freelancers who will work on the website builder and earn money from it. After creating an account on BOWWE, the web developer gets access to:
  • Website builder,
  • Templates that are designed professionally and beautifully, and at the same time position themselves well in search engines,
  • Applications that support the functioning of online business, which makes a web developer able to offer his clients much more value,
  • Knowledge, promotion and development, thanks to which every freelancer will be satisfied and will have a chance to learn new competences.

The tool is constantly updated; new functions are added and the web developer can redefine the creation of more beautiful websites. BOWWE Business & Website Builder deals with building business and websites. In addition, the web developer can use various applications, for example coupons that reduce the price of products, as well as loyalty programs, thanks to which the customer can collect points and earn discounts. Of course, applications such as a newsletter or a contact form are also possible. ​​​​​​ All of the included applications allow you to build your website in the best possible way, and such a website has more value and is definitely better quality and generates much better results for your customers. 


What can website builders do for developers ?

  • The ability to make a website completely from scratch, and the tool itself is simple, does not require any course. The tool is simple and all you need to do is read the blog and then create an account, while the rest is simple and intuitive.
  • The templates are tailored to each industry and have previously been analyzed by specialists in terms of the specifications of the sector. The templates contain everything that is necessary for the client, so the web developer does not have to analyze the industry and saves his time.
  • Fast changes and very dynamic updates, which again saves time and gives you the opportunity to earn more.
  • Easily and quickly implemented projects, because the web developer is able to create professional websites in an intuitive way, the tool increases productivity and saves time, thanks to which it is possible to perform more orders, and thus gain a large number of customers and obtain high revenues.
  • High code quality, as well as great website positioning.
  • Easy and effective communication with customers.
  • You don't need to know any programming or coding rules, although of course it's good to have some HTML basics. The system is intuitive and allows the web developer to  gain knowledge.
  • It is possible to create a database of customers who order changes to the website, which can be quickly and easily earned. Usually, the company prefers to use the services of an already selected freelancer, thanks to which the web developer will not run out of work.
  • No problems updating website.
  • No back-up problems
  • Fixed monthly income from account renewals.
BOWWE is a very easy tool to create your professional website

BOWWE,  a "no code" developer - creating websites does not have to be difficult!

Creating websites not require knowledge of the code in any case, so the concept of "no code developer" is clear and very up-to-date here. The BOWWE creator is intended for all people who want to create websites for their clients and profit off of it, as well as constantly generate growth. There is no need to learn complex programming languages ​​and frameworks. It is worth adding that the knowledge of HTML and CSS are advantages that in the first days of using the wizard may slightly facilitate understanding and speed up the entire process of creating websites. The concept of "no code" is constantly evolving, and the threshold to enter the profession of a web developer is getting lower, so it is worth starting cooperation now, developing your skills and creating a customer base.

Contact me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions and advise you on the best solution for your business!